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The most famous museum of the world, a symbol of Paris, France pride ... that's right - it's the Louvre. And yet ... imagine 22 football fields at once; fill this space with tens of thousands of sculptures, paintings, jeawelry, ceramics and decor designs - in short everything that humanity has produced over the past 5 thousand years. Imagine that every day on this territory are marching two infantry divisions (25-30 thousand. people). So - this is also the Louvre.
Not so bad, or why the Louvre Museum is worth a visit

Nearly 10 million people every year seek the Louvre is not just for the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The museum offers to explore the 35,000 paintings, statues, murals, engravings, prints. And this is only a small part: just a third of a million of museum collections (the picture is exposed on average three months, and then sent to the store in order to avoid damage to - the atmosphere in the public rooms of harm fabrics safety). If you are strong, hardy and are willing to spend on the inspection of up to 10 hours - each exhibit will get no more than a second of your time. Hence the logical conclusion: need to plan for inspection in advance (and at the same time to give up the idea to examine all).

Of course, a trip to the museum is not polar expedition, but careful preparation is still very desirable. And it starts with the selection of goals.
While the Louvre exhibits mostly met "chronological" and "national" guidelines, there are numerous exceptions. The fact that the collection donated to the Louvre, exhibited completely - out of respect for donors. Therefore, do not be surprised if the picture favorite artist you still have to "catch" one.

Here are the main sections of the museum:

Ancient East (art and culture of Iran, Mesopotamia and the Levant in this collection is a stele carved with the laws of Hammurabi - the oldest monument of the rule of law.);
Ancient Egypt (including the Hellenistic and Roman periods For the world-famous Sphinx - here.)
Ancient Greece and Rome (here exhibited collection of Etruscan monuments - unique in the world it is simply no);
Islamic Art (relatively new collection, open to the public only in 2003);
Sculptures (almost boundless collection of French and Italian statues - from 6 to mid-19th centuries);
Arts and crafts (kitchenware, furniture, tapestries, jewelry and sculpture again - for example, the famous equestrian statue of Charlemagne);
Graphic Arts: drawings, engravings, prints ... in short, everything that is not written with oil or watercolor on canvas (the most extensive collection of the museum);
Painting: In addition to the well known Mona Lisa - 4 more paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael paintings, Titian, Correggio, El Greco, Goya, Delacroix, and hundreds of other (about 6 thousand exhibits.).

The Wall

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