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Now no one can not imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower, and most Parisians if they did not like it, then, in any case, failed to come to terms with it. But it was not always - after construction, it caused strong resentment among the vast majority of citizens, it is extremely awkward. Hugo and Maupassant, for example, has repeatedly insisted that the tower should be removed from the streets of Paris.
Originally planned to dismantle the construction in 1909, 20 years after the construction - but after the tower was stunning commercial success "eternal residence."

Nevertheless, the majority of tourists Eiffel Tower has always admired. Even after a hundred and twenty years, it remains the tallest building in Paris and the fifth adjustment in all of France. And despite the majestic size, it is quite elegant - its total weight does not exceed 10 thousand tons, it exerts pressure for land, equal to the pressure of sitting on the human stool, and in molten form of its metal part would occupy an area of ​​25 by 5 meters and a total of 6 centimeters in height.
Although the tower seems openwork, light and airy, in our time for its construction would take three times less metal - not standing still technology.

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