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The highest part of Gagra and the highest mountain in the vicinity of Sochi reaches 3256 m. This picturesque mountain massif in the Gagra Range perfectly visible from the observation tower on the mountain Big Akhun.

Agepsta stands on the border: its northern slopes belong to Russia, while the southern part of the territory of Abkhazia (Abkhaz called Mount Arba). In the north there are several glaciers, the largest is 1.5 km in length; the slopes are steep, tough, hard. Northern glaciers fed by the river Quiet, a tributary of the Mzymta. The first ascent of the mountain from the north was carried out in 1935, athletes from Sochi. On the south side of the Agepsta shallow and easy to climb here.

Agepsta - a popular destination for lovers of rock climbing and tourists hikers. On the mountain it laid a few climbing routes, most of which are complex - 3B rating.

The Wall

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