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The State Hermitage - the pride of Russia, the country's largest cultural-historical museum, which occupies 6 historic buildings, the main among them is the magnificent Winter Palace. Today the Hermitage collected nearly 3 million items, including paintings, graphics, sculpture, applied art, numismatics collection and archaeological sites. A Hermitage began in 1764 as a private collection of Catherine the Great bought the collection of 220 paintings and put them in a remote apartment of the palace, known as the "Hermitage", which translated from French means "place of solitude." For the visitors the museum opened in 1852, and even then it had accumulated a rich collection of works of art. Today, guests of the Hermitage could admire such masterpieces as "Madonna and Child" ( "Benois Madonna"), Leonardo da Vinci, the "Saint Sebastian" by Titian, "The Holy Family" by Raphael, "The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Rembrandt, "the apostles Peter and Paul" El Greco. A visit to the Hermitage, certainly - a must visit program in St. Petersburg.

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